Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Wire's War on the Drug War

A wonderful opinion piece in Time from the writers of The Wire about the war on drugs. I had to correct them though and send them a letter:

Thank you Ed Burns, Dennis Lehane, George Pelecanos, Richard Price, and David Simon for writing this opinion piece. I would like to point out though that you are incorrect when you wrote "There aren't any politicians — Democrat or Republican — willing to speak truth on this. Instead, politicians compete to prove themselves more draconian than thou, to embrace America's most profound and enduring policy failure." Dr. Ron Paul is in 100% agreement with you. If elected President, he would end the war on drugs, pardon all non-violent drug offenders, and return regulation of drugs to the individual states, as it is not a power granted to the Federal government under the Constitution.

I am a big fan of The Wire. It is my all-time favorite television show. Thank you for five wonderful seasons.

Very truly,

Jonathan Perlow

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