Monday, March 10, 2008

Ron Paul Interview on CNN


Campaign is not over, Obama is a fraud.
  • "If you're in a campaign to influence ideas and the future of the country, the campaign is never over."
  • In response to John McCain is trying to unify the party, Paul says, "I would suggest that unity might be secondary to principle...if you can unify a party and reject your principals, what is unity worth?"
  • Will Paul support McCain: "He doesn't represent anything I've talked about for 30 years. Non-intervention foreign policy, personal liberties, civil liberties, free markets, no McCain-Feingold, no child left behind."
  • Would his supporters be better off voting for the Democratic candidate because they are against the war? Paul says, "I don't think they are very sincere. If you look at Obama's voting record, he has voted not to end the war. He has voted to finance the war. So his rhetoric is playing to the people that come my way, but he is every bit as much of an interventionist -- he wants to send more troops to Afghanistan, he wants to broaden the size of the military. So I think it's a fraud what he's talking about when he wants to get out of Iraq, but I think that's politics."
Hear, hear!

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