Thursday, January 3, 2008

North American Union?

Ron Paul was attacked when he referred to an ongoing effort to create a North American Union and a NAFTA superhighway. I've also noticed there's a lot of conspiracy theories that revolve around the Council of Foreign Relations and its promotion of world government. What I am starting to notice is that this isn't a hidden conspiracy at all. It's pretty much out in the open in plain, transparent view. I discovered this site recently which contains a working group report published by the Council of Foreign Relations and hosted on its own website. The PDF is available for download on the site and has their recommendations. I also cached a copy in case it's taken down. My question is why is this so hush-hush and off limits to talk about when it's so out in the open? Should this not be discussed and debated?

The high level recommendations included:
  • "Establish a common security perimeter by 2010"
  • "Develop a North American Border Pass"
  • "Develop a unified North American border action plan"
  • "Expand border infrastructure"
  • "Lay the groundwork for the freer flow of people within North
  • "Expand NORAD into a multiservice Defense Command"
  • "Increase information and intelligence-sharing at the local
    and national levels in both law enforcement and military
  • "Intensify Mexican efforts to accelerate its economic development"
  • "Establish a North American investment fund for infrastructure
    and human capital"
  • "Enhance the capacity of the North American Development
    Bank (NADBank)"
  • "Develop a NorthAmerican energy strategy"
  • "Fully develop Mexican energy resources"
  • "Conclude a North American resource accord"
  • "Make a North American commitment to a cleaner environment"
  • "Expand trinational collaboration on conservation and innovation."
  • "Adopt a common external tariff"
  • "Review those sectors of NAFTA that were excluded or those
    aspects that have not been fully implemented"
  • "Establish a permanent tribunal for North American dispute
  • "Establish a joint approach to unfair trade practices"
  • "Establish a trinational competition commission"
  • "Ensure rapid implementation of the North American regulatory
    action plan"
  • "Open skies and open roads"
  • 'Tested once' for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals"
  • "Integrating protection of food, health, and the environment"
  • "Make a North American standard the default approach to
    new regulation"
  • "Expand temporary migrant worker programs"
  • "Implement the Social Security Totalization Agreement
    negotiated between the United States and Mexico"
  • "Create a 'North American preference"
  • "Move to full labor mobility between Canada and the United
  • "Mutual recognition of professional standards and degrees"
  • "Create a major scholarship fund for undergraduate and graduate
    students to study in the other NorthAmerican countries
    and to learn the region’s three languages"
  • "Develop a network of centers for North American studies"
  • "Promote Internet-based learning within North America"
  • "Develop teacher exchange and training programs for elementary and secondary school teachers"
  • "Develop 'sister school' and student exchange programs"
  • "Encourage imaginative ways to build North American connections"

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