Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letter to the Editor

Vijay writes a letter to the Seattle PI in response to its article:
There are two deeply rooted misconceptions in this ideologically tainted article that you wrote. One is that liberty is an old idea; a throw-back to some sort of barbaric age. In fact, liberty is historically a very new idea; an idea that underpins the American tradition and which has always animated the greatness of our Republic.

It is government tyranny, oppression and wars of conquest that are the truly old ideas. These are the ideas that Clinton and Obama both cling to, albeit veiled by a diaphonous sheet of idealism. Those who have been inoculated against the media spin that is endemic to our country are able to see straight through this veil of false idealism.

The second deeply rooted misconception of your article is that Ron Paul is an "isolationist". Clearly a brief trip to your dictionary is in order. Isolationism is a foreign policy that prescribes abandonment of trade and dialogue Ron advocates nothing of the sort. He speaks of non-interventionism. The idea that we do not try to impose our beliefs through the barrel of the gun. It is dialogue, friendship, free exchange of ideas, and trade that Ron encourages. The very ideas that our founders advocated:

"Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none" (Thomas Jefferson).

Would an "isolationist" advocate ending the embargo on Cuba, and allowing American citizens to visit a country that has been destroyed by our heavy-handed bullying?

I hope, for your sake, and for the future of our nation, you will recognize, and uproot the misconceptions that have led you to paint Ron's ideas in such a dishonest manner.

Vijay Boyapati (Director of Operation Live Free or Die).

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