Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nine Republicans Break Party Ranks: Send Impeachment Article to Judiciary for Hearings

I can't even find info about this in the mainstream press. There must be a press blackout on it. But here is a link to an article saying

In a stunning development which fell with the silence of a feather yesterday, nine Republicans broke with their iron-fisted party to put country first, and voted to send Rep. Dennis Kucinich's article of impeachment HR 1345 to the Judiciary, where Chairman John Conyers will hold a hearings on abuses of power by the Bush administration, according to the Congressional Quaterly's CQToday. The final vote was: Yea 238 - Nay 180.

The Nine Republicans are: Congressman Kevin Brady (TX) Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (MD) Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC) Congressman Don Manzullo (IL) Congressman Tim Murphy (PA) Congressman Ron Paul (TX) Congressman Dave Reichert (WA) Congressman Christopher Shays (CT) Congressman Mike Turner (OH)

One of the Republicans, Walter Jones, represents Camp LeJeune in North Carolina, one of the largest Marine bases in the country, and one which has borne heavily the sacrifice of the Iraq War.

I am glad that Ron Paul voted for this. He is a true patriot.

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