Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Quixotic Quest to Be a Ron Paul Delegate from Queens

There's a great post in NY Times city blog about a Queens resident's support of Ron Paul. I grew up in Rego Park, Queens and I am glad that somebody is fighting the good fight there.

There were several comments objecting to the word "Quixotic." My favorite one
“Quixotic” is a word which would be better used to describe the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq. The were no Al Queda, no weapons of mass destruction and there was no link to 9/11, yet he was able to convince practically all of Congress and all the American people that we had an enemy there. Now, after untold loss of life, the Republican frontrunners insist we need to stay in Iraq longer. Gentlemen, those are only windmills. We have no enemies there except those that have come from other countries because they abhore our presence in the region. Our enemy is our own government, who represses us at home and sends our men and women to fight windmills in a country with no army. God Bless America. God Bless Ron Paul.

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